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Fallow land

That is an appropriate expression. This web site has not been updated since I joined CEMS in 2009, as the Information Systems Manager of the CEMS association (in the Higher Education domain)
Until I get back here, you'll learn all what you need to know about me by following those two links

A little introduction

  • I had been Senior IT Consultant (GED, Web2.0, Ajax, Video on the Web, Cocoa) for 3 year at Opsomai
  • I had been IT lecturer (NewMedia, Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality) for 5 years in the group eScience of the Department of Computer Science at the Australian National University (ANU)
  • I had been INA internet team leader for 6 year. INA is the French Broadcasting Institute. INA established one of the very first non academics web portal in France : the MediaPort (today the MediaPort is limited to a few extract to maintain some history of the web)
  • Need an IT/Virtual Reality expert in Canberra, Grenoble, France, Japan, Australia ...
    Help yourself, have a look at my CV.
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  • You want to send me a gift ? Here is a list of ideas ...

My little sand grain on the internet seaside

Prehistoric web ...

Some stuff I put online when the best web browser was still named "Mosaic"
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