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Computer History and Folklore


Classic Texts

Why Pascal is Not My Favourite Language, by Brian W. Kernighan
A largely serious article outlining the author's problems in converting a software package from Ratfor (a structured Fortran) to Pascal.
Real Programmers Don't Use Pascal, by Ed Post
A profile of Real Programmers, and why no Real Programmer would touch Pascal.
The Story of Mel, A Real Programmer, by Ed Nather
An excellent poem about an old-style programmer. Read it! (From the Jargon File.)

Joke RFCs

  • RFC748 - Telnet Randomly-Lose Option
  • RFC1149 - A Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams on Avian Carriers
  • RFC1437 - The Extension of MIME Content-Types to a New Medium
  • RFC1925 - The Twelve Networking Truths

GNU Information

GNU Project's Home Page
The Free Software Foundation's philosophy, and information on GNU software, including Hurd.
GNU Manifesto
Why the Free Software Foundation was started, and its aims. Also responses to commonly raised objection to why free software won't work.
BYTE Interviews Richard Stallman
Rather revealing since many of the projects mentioned are still not completed, or have been shelved entirely.

Internet History

Hobbes' Internet Timeline
A brief history of the Internet, 1956--present. Comprehensive and concise. Good!
The Great Renaming FAQ
Describes the events immediately before the day in 1985 when all non-local groups were renamed from net.* to the current hierarchial scheme.

Computer History

Chronology of Events in the History of Microcomputers
Great Microprocessors of the Past and Present
An interesting, extensive, technical and fairly detailed history of microprocessors.
Historic Computers
Descriptions of several old computers.
Images of Historic Computers
Computer Collection
A fairly broad collection of computers. Includes pictures. Good!
Information on Multics, a "timesharing operating system begun in 1965 and still in use today".
CHAC History Pages
Links to many pages relating to the history of computers and computing.

Computer Folklore

The Hacker FAQ
"An attempt to cover some of the issues that will invariably come up when people without previous experience of the hacker community try to hire a hacker".
The Jargon File
The definitive dictionary of Hacker slang and terminology. Also has other, more general information on Hacker culture. Excellent!
Folklore Archive
A computer folklore archive at Dated, but still interesting.
EFF "Folklore" Archive
The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Folklore Archive. Mostly email and news postings. Quite a lot of information e.g. Hoaxes.
alt.folklore.computers FAQ
net.legends FAQ
Legendary Usenet characters. Excellent!


A Portrait of J. Random Hacker
What the typical hacker wears, eats, plays, reads, etc. (From the Jargon File.)
Don Knuth's Home Page
Perhaps the most famous computer scientist. Author of The Art of Computer Programming and the TeX typesetting system.
An Internet Encylopedia
Descriptions of major internet standard and protocols.
Usenet Notables with World Wide Web Pages
Links to the WWW pages of various Usenet Characters. Rather fun.
Yahoo - Computers:History
Yahoo's links relating to computer history.

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